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Target Teaching

Teaching to hit a target is ideal at a firing range. But what about in a classroom? Or in a Sunday School class? I have to say there have been times that I have started a blog with a person I want to target. Usually I want to get a point across to them that I cannot seem to say in person.

You usually do not get to read those blogs. But today I was reminded about such an incident. I was the target of someone else’s teaching. As I started writing to gripe about it, I was convicted that I was targeting them. So, learning experience. Yes, and I am rolling my eyes with you.

If you disagree with someone over something they said, you should go to them and talk with them about it. Instead of showing your superiority and targeting them in speech in public. Not scripturally sound. I am pointing at myself here. I have been accused of airing my grievances in my writing. Most of the time I can honestly say that is not true. But what I can say is that I use my experiences in my writing.

But how do you confront when confrontation is so not in your wheelhouse? Honestly, I struggle with it. So, when I am a target in a public environment, I sit there. I do not jump up and raise the roof. I do not wait until after class to discuss what was said. I internalize it. Then it continues to come up at weird times. Now for the key, forgive. I need to forgive them for their words. Their words were designed to correct me. Whether I agree with them or not. Did I need correcting? In their eyes yes.

Theology is a funny touchy subject. What we learn at the feet of teachers growing up in church is flawed. It is based on their interpretation a lot of the time. Pulling information from scripture might start out scripturally sound, but it can go sideways when we add something to it. Change one word and it can change the whole meaning.

I may not get theology right at times, but scripture I can verify. There is a fine line between you being right and someone else being wrong when it comes to teaching. If you are trying to teach others like Christ, you need to humble yourself in your knowledge. Bulldozers move a lot of dirt but usually roll over people in the process. In writing I could point out all the reasons I am right, scripturally sound, and superior to you; however, what would that accomplish? You would never read another word I wrote.

Grace offered is less likely to offend. A gentle word spoken has more effect on someone than a quick harsh word. Proverbs 15:4 “A soothing tongue is a tree of life, but perversion in it crushes the spirit.” I have spoken harshly and quickly at times. Those are the moments I realize I still have a lot of growing to do spiritually. With daily scripture reading and accountability, I will mature in my spiritual walk. I hope to offer grace to someone else when I feel offended. Then I hope I can forgive them for the offense. Forgiveness sometimes is more important that confronting. Grace offered is hopefully returned.

Sometimes I feel as if I have a target on my back

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