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Stubborn As A Mule

Not even a carrot can move a mule sometimes. It has to be their idea. I am that mule sometimes. I understand that is not a positive thing, but it is true. What about you? Are you stubborn?

Maybe you have been called hard-headed. That is not much better that stubborn as a mule, right? Is there one area that you are more stubborn about? Not for me, my stubborn is not confined, it is across multiple areas.

I have talked about the Disney Princess Run that I signed up for over the past several months. I have this goal I have set, and nothing is going to stop me. Not even my cancer scare took my eyes off that goal. Hip pain slowed me down. Then the hip pain turned into surgery. My eyes shifted to God. My goal of having fun at Disney was still out there, but it stopped being a pressing goal.

Four and a half weeks after surgery, my goal is still looming on the horizon. I keep saying I am going to Disney to do this half marathon. My Physical Therapist and Doctor have told me that is too ambitious. I believe Luke 1:37 “For with God nothing is impossible.” He is the God of possible for those who believe.

I have been cleared to get into the pool to do some exercises. First day in the pool was AMAZING! I walked, marched and side-stepped six whole laps. Olympic size pool, 164 Feet, according to google. So basically, I walked 984 feet. That was 984 feet of weightlessness walking on a bad hip. And did it feel amazing! Until I sat in the lift to get me out of the pool. As the lift slowly raised me out of the water, the weight came back. It did not come back gradual, oh no, it came back like a ten-ton brick.

Enter my Physical Therapist. The next day at my appointment, she informed me I over did it. Well, duh. She suggested I cut back on the laps. Now it is time for my mule streak to enter. Next time in the pool, I did think about what she said. Briefly. I ended up only doing four laps because my hip understood my brain’s stubbornness.

So, how about you? Are you stubborn? As I was writing this, I kept thinking about how am I towards God’s plan? I am clueless. So, let’s take it down a notch. How am I when I want what I want, and God says no or not yet? Heals start digging in with the thought. I am not different that the children of Israel all those years ago, prideful, grumbling and set in their ways (Numbers 9:17-23). It is easy to judge them until you find yourself in the middle of the wilderness with them. Recovery from him surgery may not seem like a wilderness to you, but to me it is. I am too busy telling God what I want that I have forgotten how to listen for Him. I have forgotten that I am to watch the cloud move, so that I can move.

My desire remains unchanged. However, my focus has shifted. My desire is to walk the half-marathon. But my focus is allowing the healing of my hip to bring glory to God in a way that will leave no doubt who is behind it. My hope is that it will be at the Princess Run in February.

In my wilderness watching for my cloud to move

In this season of healing, I am trying to learn how to dig deeper.

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