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Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is a day to honor your Mom, Mother, Mommy, Momma. It is a day to say thanks for giving me life and I love you.

I am not a fan of this day. Not because of my Mother, but because of the focus of being a Mother. For the motherless children, it is tough. Everyone who has a Mom is celebrating her. For those of us that no longer have a Mom (Dad too), it a day of remembrance.

What you choose to remember is entirely up to you. I struggle with good memories right now. I'm still trying to overcome some of the painful memories I have with my Mom. But I can see how her eyes twinkle. My grandfather would say "that's the devil in her." Mischievous would be a better description. She loved to be mischievous.

My Mother was giving. Many a person would come to her and ask her to wrap a gift they purchased somewhere else, she would smile and wrap it. No charge. She and my Dad stayed late on Christmas Eve to make sure others had their presents, sometimes delivering them to their house.

Enjoy the memories you make with your Mom this Mother's Day. You never know how long you will have them with you. Love on her as much as possible. And for those that don't get to celebrate with their Mom, celebrate her anyway...she is the reason you are here today.


Flowers for Mom

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