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God First?

Do you put God first? We hear this asked all the time in church. Okay, maybe not all the time, but enough times that you should know the answer. But knowing the answer and actually practicing the answer are two different stories. So, what keeps you from setting God first?

What is the first thing you reach for in the mornings? Or on break? For me, it is my phone. I play games instead of doing work around the house (How’s that for honesty?). I am addicted to my games. I try to set them down, but I am obsessed. (Please don’t ask me to play a game with you because it might become my new obsession.)

I was that way with God’s word not long ago. I spent hours in God’s word and writing. I was surprised when I had lost 2 hours of time. I loved spending time outside with my coffee and my bible. What happened? Winter came, health issues came, and my phone became so much more to me.

For the past two months I have been writing scripture. I have a guide that tells me which scriptures to write. The idea is to write the scripture, then write the meaning, how it applies to your life and finally the enhanced view of God. It has been a struggle to be consistent. I like coming outside to study God’s word. I get to watch the birds while I am worshipping God through studying His word. But when it is 85 degrees at 7 in the morning, it is hard to go outside (poor excuse I know). Inside is a distraction for me. Therefore, I get a little behind.

But what the last two months has taught me is that I allow too many things to distract me from my time with God. I go to the gym early, come home too exhausted to do anything but sit or nap. By the time I recover it is time to cook dinner. (I do not like being out on highway 280 after lunch, traffic makes me use the wrong words, so gym is early.) What started two months ago was a way to get back into time with God, but it became a task I must complete. I started skipping the part about meaning and enhancing view of God, and just wrote the scripture to catch up. This is not what God wanted. What if He did that to us? How would we feel? Loved? Desired?

How we spend time with God should reflect our heart. A quick devotional here and a quick prayer there sometimes is all we have time for. Those are the times God understands. However, if we are on our phones more than our devotional time or prayer time, then we have a heart problem. I am speaking to myself. I can find time to play games, workout and volunteer; however, if it requires me to put my thinking cap on and study, then chances are I am not going to do it.

Last night I made the commitment to read more in general. I want to read, but my brain has been programmed to focus on a game. I am now in the process of undoing that program. What about you? Where is your focus? Not judging others for their time with God, just wanting to provoke a change that might be needed. Early risers have more time, how do you spend those extra minutes? Do you need to reset your brain like me?

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Spending time in God’s word provides that lamp.

Just as the sun shines to light our way, God's word provides an internal light for our path

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