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I recently was given three rocks. They were painted and had the hashtag #doitforJack. My friend told me a little of his story. She found a rock while in New Hampshire. She now has relocated it to Alabama and painted three (that I know of) rocks that I now have.

Jack was twelve years old when his story ended. It seems that he was a special boy with autism. Because he was so unique, he found himself the subject of bullying. One day a bully at school told him to go home and kill himself. He did. Jack’s Stepmom, Mogana Isenberg, started #Doitforjack as a mission to paint and hide these rocks for someone to find, to reminder them that They Matter and that someone does cares. Also to bring awareness to bullying and suicide. To start conversation with your children. To Rock the world with Kindness one rock at a time.

Dear Jack,

I am so sorry that someone was so careless with their words. I am also sorry you were made to feel less than you really were. I wish others had not been cruel to you. I wish someone had told you not to listen.

Oh, sweet boy, I wish I could have told you part of my story. I would have told you that suicide was a permanent solution to a temporary pain. I would also have shared that God would not have wanted you to alter his plans for you.

Your story is now touching others. Other people are caring about what happened to you and want others to know that their story does not need to end at their own hands. There is hope. There is something else that can be done. To live a happy life in the face of your bullies would show them a strength that should be envied.

I am sharing your story and mine. I am going to relocate the three rocks I have and paint some more. Jack, you are now where no one can hurt you anymore and that bring a mixture of emotions for me. I am glad you cannot be hurt anymore but saddened that you will never know life beyond what you already knew. To your family, I am praying for you. This loss carries a life sentence for you and others. This loss is beyond words. My prayers are with you as you bring awareness to others. cmm

If you are reading this and have thoughts of ending your life, please contact me or someone. Reach out first. I survived multiple attempts and developed a deep faith because I knew God loved me. If I could help you understand one thing it would be, the pain you are feeling is only here for a brief time. There are ways to handle the pain, the meanness of others or the abuse that you maybe suffering. There are people who want to help you, if you will let them know what is going on. Please reach out.

Your Story doesn't have to end

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Dec 18, 2022

Iam truly sorry that Jack is no longer with us. 12 years old and his story hasn't ended maybe a new chapter with these rocks he's still touching people's lives even mine and I've never met him but now I'm going to make sure his story gets out and touches more lives I'm going to spread the awareness in hopes of letting others know that they matter and hope wherever Jack is he knows he's loved and his story continues #doitforjack

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